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Waras impact on European industry grows

Europe seeks to source more raw materials from alike-mindeda countries

Sodium comes to the battery world

Sodium-ion technology is ready, cheap, and safe, but can it oust lithium ion?

Chemistry in Pictures: Molecular Dippina Dots

Solar panels face recycling challenge

Researchers and companies are preparing for a looming tsunami of photovoltaic waste

Why racial disparities in NIH funding persist and what might fix the problem

Researchers suggest broader evaluations and expanding programs now centered on early-career researchers

Paper structures become 3D semiconductors after slow-heating process

Highly porous material with tunable properties could be a platform for lightweight, stretchable, sustainable electronics

Exploring boring people and dog breedsa behavior

Machine learning spots metals in single-atom catalysts

A novel image analysis method accelerates the detection of metal atoms in heterogeneous catalysts and reduces human error

Water flies through fluorine-lined channels

Chemical interactions break up water clusters, leading to ultrafast transport

Wacker opens chemistry labs in Michigan

SK Capital will buy specialties firm Valtris

Plastics alliance backs circularity fund

Solvay gets a taste for natural ingredients

SQM and LG to pursue cathode project

Plug Power and Versogen make progress on electrolyzers

Lotte to acquire Bristol Myers Squibb plant in New York State

FDA approves Lilly diabetes drug

BridgeBio takes steps to raise cash

Sonata launches to engineer cellsa microenvironments

Linde, BP team up on carbon capture as Carbon Clean raises funds

Agios Pharmaceuticals to lay off 50 researchers

Environmental injustice linked to urban natural gas leaks

Ultrasensitive methane detection shows that gas leaks are more common in low-income areas and communities of color

US FDA allows phthalates in food contact materials

Agency denies petitions to prohibit such uses, claiming lack of evidence to demonstrate harm

Nutrien to study low-carbon ammonia project

The company says the $2 billion US plant would be the largest of its kind

Light-activated molecule triggers neurons for hearing in gerbils

The photoswitchable molecule tethers itself to the auditory nerve and mimics hair cell stimulation in the inner ear

New insights into 1918 flu pandemic from samples in a Berlin museum

Researchers say the virus changed between waves and became the H1N1 strain we know today

Netherlands seeks EU controls on perfluoroheptanoic acid

This PFAS chemical and its salts are toxic and bioaccumulate

Pollution kills 9 million people a year, report says

Dirty air, lead poisoning, and hazardous chemicals are leading causes

Japanese chemical companies finish a strong year

Earnings mark a pandemic recover, but worries over high energy prices remain

Chemistry in Pictures: Messina with hydrogels